Our Condition Monitoring department provides reliability based maintenance services to over 60 sites within Australia. Our services are provided across the mining and heavy industry sectors, such as coal mines, including underground and open-cut mining; heavy industry, including petro-chemical and power generation; as well as general manufacturing.

We have many clients, whom we service on a regular (usually monthly) basis. Such programmes provide valuable information and history to enable trending to be undertaken.

Trending of equipment condition can provide a unique and accurate forecast of potential looming problems.

Our consultants have intimate knowledge and experience with equipment found within all the industries as listed above. This knowledge is imperative to skilled diagnosis of machine problems and reliability (see our qualifications).

Condition monitoring makes the planning of maintenance and service activities easier. This is essential to reducing costs and increasing plant output.

Services available include;

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Program Creation & Development
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Industrial Oil Analysis
  • ODS (Operating Deflection Shape) Analysis
  • In-situ Dynamic Balancing of ventilation fans

Optimisation can be achieved by professional condition monitoring of equipment. Ideally, Vibration Analysis, Thermography and Oil Analysis will collectively trend towards the same indication of upcoming equipment failure. This then enables the equipment owner to take corrective action, including change-out, on a planned and controlled basis at the first opportunity, which is far preferable and cost-effective than waiting for an unexpected breakdown, which usually occurs at inopportune times.

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