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Our technical staff share wins, pain points, and learnings internally with our team via ROAPs (report on a page). This is just one of the ways we build our team capability and ensure that you are not engaging an individual, but engaging our team when you choose to partner with Noble Engineering Services. Click on the links below for some of the highlights.

Condition Monitoring

Why implement routine condition monitoring? What can vibration analysis tell me about my critical machines? How was thermography used to save $$$ in lost hydraulic fluid and unplanned movements? What faults can we prepare for in our upcoming shutdown? Click here to see why Noble Engineering Services is recognised as a leader in this field.


Was it overload, or a design flaw that lead to fatigue, or stress corrosion cracking? Am I getting what we specified? Was that weld executed properly? These questions can all be answered with a competent failure analysis or metallurgical examination in our purpose-built laboratory.

Non Destructive Testing

How can you tell me it is cracked without pulling it apart? Is that known defect growing? When do we need to plan for replacement of those wear plates? Noble Engineering Services has been answering these questions across many industries.

Professional Engineering

How can we improve this item that keeps failing? Can you design us an item to do this task? Can you do an inspection and recommend a maintenance regime? Noble Engineering Services implements practical solutions with Professional Engineering certification. Check out some recent problems solved.

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