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Metallurgy links the structure of materials with their properties. After observing the structure of existing items, our metallurgists can suggest alternatives to replicate or improve the attributes required by your operating environment. We can come to you with our portable analysis equipment, or we can receive your goods to our workshop with cranage and large section cutting capabilities.

Failure Analysis


Failure Analysis is the process of collecting and analysing material and fracture data from failed components to determine the cause of a failure, with the intention of determining failure modes and corrective actions.

Our experienced metallurgists have ‘worked on both sides of the fence’ and understand the motives of site engineers and production managers. Our independent assessments focus on ‘why’, not ‘who’, so that you can make changes to prevent future failures and lost production. Changing the design, installation procedures, storage conditions, or adding routine maintenance inspections are all typical outcomes from a properly conducted Failure Analysis.

Let us help you eliminate those repeat or costly failures.

Positive Material Identification


Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the analysis of a metallic alloy to determine material composition. Noble Engineering Services uses Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) and has the ability to make this assessment on components you supply to us, or we can come to you with our portable OES equipment.

What you specified is not always what you get. This process may identify why those pins have started failing, or why those wear components didn’t last as long as usual. OES is also used to reverse engineer components for which you have no design detail. Let us help you flesh out the information that is the uncomfortable unknown in your upcoming project, or the failing item that is causing you grief.

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