Professional Engineering

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Noble Engineering Services have multiple professional engineering disciplines to advise in the design, certification, analysis and monitoring of machinery and structures.

Finite Element Analysis Mechanical Engineering

Finite Element Analysis

Noble Engineering Services uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine performance of a component or assembly design or modification. FEA shows stress reactions to chosen load conditions, and helps to determine whether a component will fail or perform the way it was designed.

Design Certification


Our team possesses Tertiary qualifications, are current members of (and hold positions in) Professional Bodies and organisations including Engineers Australia, MEMMES (Mining Electrical Mining Mechanical Engineering Society) and Asset Management Council of Australia. Continuing Professional Development is undertaken through related courses and training to enable us to provide professional and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Structural Inspections Mechanical Engineering Service

Structural Inspections

Effective management of structural integrity is key to ensuring a safe and productive plant. Noble Engineering Services provides a proactive Structural Audit process to help with compliance to the relevant Australian or International design standards in order to avoid major structural failures and direct remedial work priorities.

Mechanical Inspections Bucyrus

Mechanical Inspections

Noble Engineering Services conducts and manages various inspections, audits, maintenance, servicing and compliance activities associated with coal-mine Haulages, Man and Materials Conveyances, including Franlane Braking Systems and other like systems.