Airborne Ultrasonics

Airborne Ultrasonics

Use Airborne Ultrasonics to hear what you cannot see.

Ultrasound detectors sense high-frequency signals and convert them into corresponding audible sounds while maintaining their original characteristics and qualities.

Leak Detection

Each day that a leak goes undetected is another day of wasted resources, increased energy costs and diminished product quality. Locating compressed air leaks in noisy production areas is nearly impossible. Our consultants use Airborne Ultrasonics to create a compressed air leak management program that shows you how to find and fix air leaks in your plant.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical failures pose a tremendous safety threat and have the ability to shut down operations and plants entirely. Electrical discharge is a constant threat to your safety – and the health of your electrical systems. Ultrasound solutions reveal electrical fault conditions such as partial discharge (corona), partial arcing (tracking) and arcing discharge inside metal clad switchgear, around substations, and in overhead transmission and distribution lines.