Conveyor Jib Pulley Bearing Failure

This was a job done by our team member involving Vibration Analysis of a Conveyor Pulley.  Here are some of the interesting diagnostics used in diagnosing the problem.

Symptoms:  Elevated inner raceway defect frequency in velocity spectrum from nearly new.

Other Maintenance / Operational Information: Site not wanting to change due to this being close to a new install and not convinced this was a bearing defect. The site also had 3rd party do an in-service inspection of the pulley resulting in comments about the impact sound coming from a belt frequency.

Actions Taken at Time
: Continually reporting on defect indications with recommendations to replace at next opportunity.

Post Repair Details: Site overhauled pulley during longwall move. The inner raceway has a scalloping wear pattern in the load zone. Baseline data show no or very little impacting.