At Noble Engineering Services, we can offer you a complete thermal imaging service using high quality thermography cameras.

Our thermography cameras are reliable, non-contact instruments which enable us to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Thermography programs have contributed to substantial cost savings for our clients.

Thermal Imaging, together with Vibration (VA), and Oil Analysis will provide a more accurate and reliable report, providing you with a more cost effective maintenance plan.

Thermography is an essential tool for predictive maintenance, quality control, process monitoring, and research & development. Our thermal imaging service can assist you to organise preventative maintence on just about any production equipment and components before they fail and let you down or worse still, causes damage to people or property, and thousands of dollars in downtime.

Some examples of mechanical equipment where thermography is used:

  • Pumps (overheated connections, fuse problems, overloaded electrical cables etc)
  • Fans (auxiliary fans, pedestal bearings)
  • Motors (overheating bearings, misalignment, overheated windings, blocked water jackets, thermal growth)
  • Conveyor belts (overheated bearings, seized idlers, rubbing structure)

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