Noble Engineering Services has several chartered professional mechanical engineers. They have the practical understanding, experience and capability to design equipment, as well as certifying existing equipment for load-bearing capacity, structural integrity, etc.

All Noble engineers are full members of Engineers Australia with wide-ranging experience in the coal-mining and heavy industry.

We have a reputation for devising unique and practical solutions.

We will inspect, verify and issue certification as to the integrity of equipment and structures. As appropriate, this certification will also be supported by our Non-Destructive Testing technicians.

Our engineers are conversant with current Australian Standards.

Qualifications and accreditations attained by our team include:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) – Chartered Professional Engineers
  • Associate Diploma of Engineering (Electrical)
  • Associate Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Vibration Institute – Cat II and Cat III Consultants
  • AINDT Thermography Level 1 and 2
  • AINDT Magnetic Particle, Fluorescent Particle, Ultrasonic Testing (AINDT Company Membership)
  • Various Mechanical & Electrical Trades
  • Various post-trade courses

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